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We are currently partnering with fitness centres and martial arts locations across the region to offer our programs in early 2019. Until then, you can find us at area golf tournaments, helping you to kick off your best round ever! If you are looking for customized programs to improve your game now, or work your way though minor injury, contact us for one-on-one sessions.

Get golf-ready...NOW!

Our programs

MMA for Golf offers different levels of programs, depending on the level of golf-readiness you're looking for. Whether it's all-round fitness and flexibility with our Ready Golf Fitness, or our signature Power Golf Fitness program, you will be ready to attack the course!

Great for all ages and all abilities, this program will get your body tuned up for the golf season by helping with shoulder and core flexibility, muscle tone, and light cardio. Be ready for the course, and reduce your chance of injury with our Ready Golf Fitness program!
Formerly known as "Kick 4 Golf", this program takes our Ready program, and takes it up a notch. It incorporates basic Martial Arts moves for balance, focus, plus hip and shoulder strength. Start from the ground up, and hit the course like a Pro!
This is our premier program that we can only offer through partnerships with Martial Arts and Fitness training centres. Train with the intensity of an MMA fighter to build functional strength, increase your flexibility, and build endurance. If you see this program being offered - jump on it!

Although I injured my foot at work before the season began, I kept up the exercises I learned. When I finally teed off for the season, I was a lot longer, straighter and less tired than I normally would have been for a first round of golf