Why MMA For Golf Programs?

Your successful golf swing is literally built from the ground up. If any of the following items lack flexibility or are weak, the shot will suffer and you run the risk of injury:

  • Stance: you need a solid, balanced stance based on strong legs and ankles.
  • Backswing: the beginning of the swing involves the obliques, glutes, hips, and arms – all operating in balance.
  • Swing: the swing itself engages the hips, glutes, triceps, shoulders, chest, obliques and more.  The swing itself does not end until the follow-through is complete, requiring extensive flexibility.
  • Focus: the game of golf is as much a mind game, as it is a physical game.
  • Endurance: the game of golf takes place over 18 holes.  Without conditioning, the golfer will not have the endurance to finish strong.

In short, the golf game is a combination of strength, balance, flexibility, focus and endurance.

So are the Martial Arts.

Our programs draw from from across the spectrum of fitness:

  • Yoga: flexibility, balance and focus
  • Martial Arts: focus, balance and strength
  • Plyometrics: endurance and strength
  • Bodybuilding: functional strength

We have taken the best exercises that are the most appropriate to apply to your golf swing.


MMA for Golf is designed and led by an NASM-certified golf-fitness specialist, so you can be assured that we take great care in providing safe, effective programs that are designed with you, the golfer in mind