Our Programs


Our 8 to 12 week bootcamp programs typically run from January until March – just in time for the start of the season.  We partner with local Fitness Centres, Golf Courses and Martial Arts Dojos to host small and medium-group bootcamps.  In some locations, one-on-one programs are available.  Reduce injury, build strength and endurance, increase your distance off the tee … and have fun doing it!

Ready Golf Fitness Bootcamp

This is our all-ages and abilities program for those simply looking to get into shape for the season.  This is a low-impact program that emphasizes flexibility and core strength.

Pro Golf Fitness Bootcamp

This program incorporates some basic non-contact martial arts concepts in order to further improve balance and focus.

Power Golf Fitness Bootcamp

Are you hardcore?  Want to train with the intensity of an MMA Fighter?  Looking for fitness, strength, golf-specific exercises, AND a good workout at the same time?  This is our premier program, that will have you sweating, and have you more-than-ready for the course. (click here for sample 8-week program)

Kelly Blackburn’s Golf Fitness

She has worked with the pros to help them reach their full potential!  We’re proud to be an authorized provider of the Kelly Blackburn Golf Fitness program! Great for all ages and all skill levels.

Cropped - Golf Fitness

Hosting a Bootcamp

If you are a club professional, fitness centre leader or Sensei, and wish to integrate any of the bootcamps into your club offering, please contact us to arrange a partnership discussion.  We aim to make the program mutually beneficial for the club, and the members you serve.


One-on-One Professional Golf Fitness Training

Okay, so you’re totally hardcore.  One-on-one training pulls elements from any of our programs, and adds more – exercises we could not run in a group setting, and exercises that are specifically focused on areas you want to improve.  Talk to us about availability of our one-on-ones.


MMA for Golf is designed and led by an NASM-certified golf-fitness specialist, so you can be assured that we take great care in providing safe, effective programs that are designed with you, the golfer in mind