Sample week-by week breakdown

Power Golf Fitness – 8 Week Program

The following is a sample schedule – it is subject to change based on equipment availability, participant applicability and other factors.

All weeks will work on flexibility, cardio, and non-contact martial arts techniques that have a direct application to the golf swing and mechanics

Week 1 – Baseline, Beginning, and Basics

  • Baseline fitness and flexibility measurements
  • Introductory leg, arm, flexibility, cardio
  • Introduction to non-contact martial arts techniques with golf applications

Week 2 – Wrists, Arms (Bo)

Week 3 – Chest, Core, Hips and Glutes (Medicine Ball)

Week 4 – Functional Strength part 1 (Strength tubes)

Week 5 – Energy for 18 holes – advanced cardio

Week 6 – Functional Strength part 2 (Cage fitness)

Week 7 – Advanced golf fitness

Week 8 – Wrap-up and measuring results

  • Advanced techniques
  • Measurements against baseline
  • Take-home/pre-round exercises